Hounslow Council

Carer break vouchers

The Carer Break Voucher Scheme is a simple and flexible way to help carers take a break from their caring role.

Each voucher has a money value and can be used to pay for a range of care services provided by approved organisations.

Who is the scheme for?

The scheme is for eligible carers who look after adults needing substantial amounts of care or supervision, such as:

  • people with physical disabilities or sensory impairments

  • people with a learning disability

  • people experiencing mental health difficulties

  • people with long term illness

  • older people

What can I buy with the vouchers?

We will give you a list of the approved short-term care providers along with your vouchers. You can choose your preferred provider from this list.

Services you can buy using the vouchers include:

  • domiciliary care

  • day care

  • short term respite breaks (residential and nursing care)

How long will the break be?

The length of break will depend on your needs. We will carry out an assessment to work out how long the break will be.

How can I access the scheme?

You will need to contact your social worker or the adult access team to request a carers assessment or a review of your existing carers assessment.

We will use this assessment to see if the Carer Break Voucher Scheme could meet your needs.

To find out more contact the adult access team.