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Where your recycled waste goes

The different materials collected for recycling within the borough end up in a number of different places.

What happens to recycling we collect from your home

  • Paper is sent to Aylesford Newsprint in Kent where the paper is pulped, the fibre cleaned and sent to the paper machines where it is made into new newsprint.

  • Cardboard and beverage cartons are sent to SITA Surrey at Charlton Lane where the material is sold to cardboard markets to be recycled into new cardboard products.

  • Glass bottles and jars are sent to Viridor Glass in Sheffield. Here it is optically sorted into colour type and then sent to Queens Glass where it is turned back into bottles.

  • Food tins and drinks cans, foil and aerosols are being sent to Novelis in Huddersfield, where they are sorted into ferrous/ non-ferrous. The aluminium cans, foil and aerosols are then sent to Alutrade in Birmingham where they are cleaned, shredded and made into new cans.

  • The steel cans go to Coventry Metals where they are baled and sent to Corus in either Aldwarke works or Port Talbot. Corus manufactures steel for various manufactured goods sectors including ceilings, controlled environments, doors and windows, furniture, lighting, rainwater goods, teletronics, appliances, bakeware, packaging, automotive sector, mobile phones and battery casing.

  • Mixed plastics are sent to SCA Recycling UK in Totton, Southampton and Biffa at Edmonton. The material is then sorted in a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) which has a zero waste target after which they are then sent to processors in the UK or abroad. SCA supplies material to Moores Recycling in Frome, Somerset who granulate and recycle a wide range of plastic materials at their processing plant. They supply Monoworld Recycling in Bedfordshire who take a variety of plastics grades for conversion into products for the plastics moulding and blowing industries. They also supply J & A Young of Leicester who are one of the UK’s leading plastics reprocessors and have five locations in the UK, including a new bottle sorting plant at South Normanton, Derby and have two granulation and washing plants located at Worksop and Loughborough.

  • Textiles and shoes are sent to Black Country Rag in Birmingham where textiles are sorted and sent for export to those who cannot afford new clothes. Most of the remainder are converted to industrial wipes, flocking or shoddy.

  • Yellow Pages Raven Recycling shred materials and use for animal bedding.

  • Books are collected from recycling sites by the British Heart Foundation, who reuse as many books as possible. Where they can’t be reused they are sent to a pulping mill in Goring by Sea, Worthing.

  • Car and household batteries are sent to G & P Batteries Ltd in Darlaston near Wolverhampton where they are identified, sorted and stored by battery type. The batteries are then sent to sites mostly in the UK, or France where the battery is separated down into its component parts and the different chemicals can be used again in a range of applications.

  • Engine oil is collected in large tanks and sent to Associated Re-claimed Oil in Greenwich, where the oil is processed to produce a heating fuel. This can be sold to WID (waste incineration directive) compliant sites that can burn waste as fuel.

  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment is sent to MDJ Light Brothers LTD, in Lewes in East Sussex where the items are treated or the components parts recovered.

  • Food waste is sent to BiogenGreenFinch, Northampton where it is goes through an anaerobic digestion plant to produce a biofertiliser and electricity.

  • Garden waste goes to Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, where it is shredded and commercially composted through a process called ‘open windrow’ to produce a nutrient rich fertiliser.

  • Household rubbish also goes to Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire; however this is put into landfill, on the same site.

What happens to recycling taken to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre

  • Paper, cardboard and hard plastic go to DS Smith Recycling in Uxbridge

  • Yellow Pages sent to Raven Waste Paper co. Ltd in Croydon

  • Books and textiles are collected by Surry Recycling Services in Sunbury on Thames

  • Glass goes to Day Group in Brentford

  • Tins, cans, aerosols and tin foil, and scrap metal go to European Metal Recycling in Croydon

  • Electrical and electronic equipment is taken through DHL producer compliance scheme, and then goes on to SWEEEP in Sittingbourne

  • Batteries go to G&P Batteries in Darlaston

  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs go to Mercury House in Manchester

  • Wood is taken to Twyford transfer station in north west London where it is bulked for recycling

  • Gypsum, hardcore and rubble go to Powerday in Willesden

  • Mattresses go to Matrec in Bedfordshire

  • Mineral oil is taken to OSS Group near Maidstone

  • Some cooking oil is collected and made into a fuel on site. It is used to run some of the operational vehicles on site. The remaining cooking oil goes to Living Fuels in Norfolk

  • Garden waste is sent to Sutton Courtney, Oxfordshire

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