Hounslow Council

Mayoral - Community Infrastructure Levy

The Mayor of London has formally submitted his proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule (CS). From 1 April 2012, a new charge called the Mayoral CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) is being introduced to local developers which becomes payable to the Mayor of London.

The Mayor has suggested that the London Borough of Hounslow is appropriate for the second band of the proposed charging zone.

This means that any development that receives planning permission in Hounslow after 1 April 2012 will have to pay £35 per square metre Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which includes:

  • Consists of buildings to which people usually go, so it does not apply to buildings to which people only go occasionally to inspect plant, or development that does not consist of buildings; and

  • Has 100 square metres or more of gross internal floorspace or involves creating a dwelling even where this is below 100 square metres. cases where a planning application was submitted before 1 April 2012, but not approved by then;

  • cases where we makes a resolution to grant planning permission (to allow a section 106 agreement to be signed, for example) before 1 April 2012, but do not formally grant permission until after that date;and

  • cases where a planning appeal is decided after 1 April, regardless of when the appeal was made.

  • New buildings which are greater than 100 square metres of gross internal floor space will have to pay the CIL charge and any net charge of less than £50 will not be collected.

The London Mayor's CIL CS has recently gone through an Examination in Public (EiP). To read more in detail, including our submissions, visit the Mayoral’s CIL Examination website, available on this page under external links.

The Mayor of London, together with Transport for London (TfL) has also issued an important leaflet, which provides information for all applicants, available on this page under documents for download.

With respect to the information set out in the leaflet, please note the following: Hounslow is not responsible for setting the charges as listed in the above leaflet, as we are only going to collect the Mayoral CIL charges on behalf of the GLA. The council is not responsible for the charge itself.

The charges set out in the above leaflet and the Mayor’s Proposed Draft Charging Schedule have not yet been finalised and are subject to further changes following the Examiner’s Report, further to the recent EiP.

For more information or to download all the relevant forms for CIL liable planning applications, please visit the Planning Portal website, website link available on this page under external links.