Hounslow Council

Types of pest


We cannot provide services to treat unidentified insects. If you have insects in the home and you do not know what they are then you may bring a sample of them to the Civic Centre for identification. These must be in sealed, crush-proof containers otherwise they will not be accepted by our reception desk. Please do not supply insects stuck onto sticky plastic as this renders them almost impossible to identify accurately.

Rats and mice

If there is any confusion about whether your pest problem is due to rats or mice then our operator will ask you several simple questions to try and clarify this when booking an appointment with you. Please try and answer these questions as simply as possible as they are designed to ensure that you receive the correct service from us. We will also look for evidence when on site to confirm what pests are present and to design a treatment programme accordingly. Please note that we will only provide treatment based upon evidence that we find. Further information on distinguishing between rat and mouse infestations can be found in this section.

Pests other than those listed

We do not supply services to deal with other pest species in domestic premises. Pests that are not dealt with include:

  • Foxes

  • Pigeons

  • Garden ants

  • Textile pests (carpet and clothes moth etc)

  • Pests of stored products

  • Wood boring insects

  • Bees

Information and advice about these and other common pests that we do not treat can be found in this section.