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In-year admissions

Children are normally admitted to a school at specific stages, such as starting reception class or transferring to year 7 in secondary school. If you require a school place for your child outside these normal rounds of admission, you will be making an in-year admission.

Please note, from September 2013 we only processes applications for schools in Hounslow.

Applying for schools in Hounslow

If you are looking for a place at any school within Hounslow borough, you must complete Hounslow’s primary or secondary in-year common application form. You may name up to three schools, listed in order of preference. Each of your preferences will be considered individually under each school’s admission criteria. You can download the relevant in-year application form from this page.

If you are applying for a faith based school in Hounslow, you must also complete the school’s own Supplementary Information Form (SIF). These can usually be downloaded from each school’s website, or a copy can be obtained by contacting the school directly.

Please note that places can only be offered if a school has a vacancy in the relevant year group, and there may already be a waiting list for your child’s year group.

Although every effort will be made to meet your wishes, it might not be possible to offer a place to your child at one of your preferred schools. If you are a Hounslow resident, we may have to allocate an alternative school where an appropriate vacancy exists.

If a place is not offered at a preferred school, you have the right of appeal.

Applying for schools outside Hounslow

If you are applying for a school outside Hounslow, please contact the school directly, or the council in which the school is located, to enquire about their admission procedure. Your application will be considered by that school or council and they will advise you directly of the outcome.

New or returning to the UK

If your child is new to or returning to the UK, you will need to bring your child to the Civic Centre in order to complete an application in person. You must also bring their passport or travel document (as appropriate) and provide proof of address with your application.

Proof of address

All applicants must provide the following proof of address with their application form:

  • current council tax bill in parent/carer’s name or

  • three alternative proofs in the parent/carer’s name. Suitable proofs include bills, bank statements, driving licence, tenancy agreement etc

If you are unsure about the suitability of your documents, please contact us before making an application. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Changing your child's school

Changing schools within the school year is not usually in a child’s best interests. We recommend that before requesting a transfer you discuss your reasons with senior staff at your child's school.

If your child is already attending a local school, you should not withdraw your child from that school until we confirm a place can be offered elsewhere.

Applications for students in GCSE years

Changing schools is particularly disruptive for children in GCSE years, because other schools may not offer the same options as their current school, or they may have a different syllabus or exam board.

Changing schools at this time can affect the subject options available to your child and may negatively affect their final grade as previous coursework marks may be lost.

Please also be aware that we do not have many vacancies in these year groups throughout Hounslow.

Waiting lists

If we are unable to offer you a place at one of your preferred schools, you have the option of adding your child’s name to a waiting list (where such a list exists). The waiting list is held in accordance with the admission criteria, not in order of applications received.

Every term, names are removed from waiting lists. Therefore you must contact us at the end of each term if you wish your child’s name to remain on the waiting list for the following term.  All waiting lists are cleared at the end of each academic year, and no names are carried forward into the next academic year.

Infant to junior transfer

Parents with a child in an infant school will need to make an application to transfer their child into a junior school. This process takes place whilst your child is in year 2.

Further information regarding the infant to junior school process, including submission deadlines, is available in our Starting School in Hounslow brochure.

Fair access

Children with a history of challenging behaviour and those deemed vulnerable are placed in school using the fair access protocol. This ensures they are offered an appropriate education placement as quickly as possible.

The Pupil Co-ordination Panel and the Year 10/11 Panel consists of representatives from Hounslow schools, the local authority and other agencies. The panels consider all information available and the child’s individual circumstances to make an informed decision as to what educational placement would best meet the child’s needs.

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