Hounslow Council


Why use our complaints e-form?

By using our e-form to complain your complaint will be directed to the right officer automatically and you will receive an email confirmation with a reference number. Using the e-form helps ensure we collect all the relevant information from you so that we can deal with your complaint efficiently.

Which forms to use

You should not use this form is you are appealing a penalty charge notice or if you are reporting a problem for the first time and the department has not had an opportunity to deal with your service request. See a list of forms you can complete

Stage 1

Your complaint will be automatically directed to the right department. You will automatically receive confirmation of your complaint if you provide your email address on the complaints e-form. Our target is to turn these around within 10 working days.

If you are making a service request and complete this complaint form, your complaint will be treated as a service request. If we then don't act on your request, you should submit a formal complaint using this form.

Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the response at stage 1, you can ask for the complaint to be reviewed by the director for that department - this is known as stage 2. Our target is to turn these around within 20 working days.

Request for Stage 3

If you remain unhappy with the Stage 2 response, you can request for your complaint to be considered at a Stage 3 panel hearing. This request will be reviewed by a sub-committee made up of Councillors who will investigate and respond with their decision as to whether or not it will escalate to Stage 3. You should receive a decision response within 10 working days.

Stage 3

A panel of three councillors (known as the members? panel) review stage 3 complaints.

Residents can send their complaints as written evidence for the panel, or they can appear before the panel in person. However, the councillor's panel will only be able to consider cases that have already been through stages 1 & 2.

However it should be noted that our complaints process is discretionary and not based on statute. This means we do not always have to proceed with a complaint if we believe there is sufficient justification not to do so.