Hounslow Council


We believe consultation and public involvement are at the heart of good decision making. We are committed to consulting as widely as possible when making decisions and we will actively listen to the views of the public and others with an interest in the services we provide.

These pages provide a variety of resources for members of the public who want to know what Hounslow is consulting on, and what the results of consultation are.

From the expansion of Heathrow airport to schools and speed-bumps, there’s bound to be something you feel strongly about. Making your voice heard has never been easier.

Latest consultations you can have your say on


Closing date

Transport for London (TfL)


Proposal to cease funding for school crossing patrols (SCPs)

23 Jan 2017

Heston Road - Proposed pelican crossing

23 Jan 2017

Revenue and benefits service changes

27 Jan 2017

Principles and vision for SEND

27 Jan 2017

Article 4 - direction - office to residential

3 Feb 2017

Article 4 - direction  - light industrial to residential

3 Feb 2017

Chiswick Riverside - Area 2 CPZ design proposals

03 Feb 2017

Roundabout proposal on Sutton Lane estate

06 Feb 2017

Proposal to change street licensing charges

13 Feb 2017

Hounslow Youth Service review

06 Mar 2017

Council Tax Support (CTS) consultation

31 Mar 2017

The following consultation has no closing date and you can have your say at any time: