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Council tax discounts

Who qualifies for council tax discount?

Property related discounts, reductions and premiums

Empty and unfurnished properties remaining empty over two years, may become subject to an additional Empty Property Premium of 50% until the property is deemed in use.

Disregarded Persons

When determining the number of residents in a home, certain groups of people are disregarded for the purpose of determining if the household is eligible for discount. This means that the bill for a dwelling where one of the two residents is entitled to be disregarded for discount purposes will be the same as that for a dwelling with one resident (25% discount).

If the disregarded person lives alone, then only the property element of the bill is payable (50%). If, however, there are three or more residents and only one is disregarded, there will be no entitlement to a discount.

Classes of disregarded persons

People considered as disregarded are as follows :

  • People in detention

  • Severely mentally impaired

  • Over 18 Child Benefit Payable

  • Full time students

  • Student nurses

  • Apprentices

  • Foreign language assistants

  • Non British spouses of student

  • Sole or main residence in hospital

  • Resident in care home, nursing home or hostel

  • Carer employed by a relevant authority

  • Carer for person in receipt of relevant allowance

  • People staying in short stay hostels

  • Religious community

  • Member of international HQ & defence organisations

  • School leavers under 20 up to 1 Nov

  • Members of visiting forces and their dependants

  • Occupied by diplomat but who is not liable for council tax

If any of the above apply to you, please contact us

Individuals with disabilities?

A liable person is entitled to a reduction by way of re-banding a dwelling to one shown in the Valuation list if there is a disabled person resident in the dwelling. Properties in Band A will pay 5/9ths of a Band D charge.

In order to qualify, or for a reduction to be applicable, the dwelling must contain certain facilities which are considered as essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled person because of the nature and extent of his/her disability.

The features are:

  • A room other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory, which is used predominantly by the disabled person

  • A second bathroom or kitchen

  • Extra space inside the property to allow for wheelchair circulation

In order to allow the reduction, the billing authority must be satisfied that, without the feature, the disabled person would find it difficult to live in the dwelling and his/her health would suffer.

Council tax bill explanatory notes