Hounslow Council

Hounslow High Street

Apart from having a Masterplan to provide a vision for the regeneration of  Hounslow Town Centre, we are working on projects to serve as a catalyst for change and to attract investment in the town centre.

In 2011, Hounslow was awarded £500,000 in Round 1 of the Outer London Fund for a programme of shop front improvements, events, and street markets. In 2012, Hounslow received the largest combined award in Round 2 for Hounslow High Street (£1.2m) and Brentford (£1.8m), worth £3 million, matched by £750,000 from Hounslow Council. The Outer London Fund is designed to support economic growth in London’s high streets.  

New paving, lighting, seating and street trees will improve the pedestrian experience of the High Street.

Further improvements include.

  • Refurbishment of the high street for new Market stalls in specially allocated areas

  • Opening of Bell Square on Bell Road as an outdoor performance place

  • Church Square to be used an outdoor performance space along with a new war memorial

  • Revamp of shop fronts in Hounslow

Bell Square

Recent performance in Bell Square

Bell Square project has now been completed.  We have teamed up with Waterman’s Arts Centre to bring to you a year long list of performances from all over the world. Please visit the Bell Square website for the performance programme. An events pavilion will also be built to the west side of the performance area in early 2015.

Artist's impression of the events pavilion:

Artist's impression of the Pavillion

Church Square

Church Square

Church Square is programmed for construction in August/September 2014. A new war memorial commemorating the first world war was unveiled in August 2014.

Hounslow high street markets

Two new markets will hit the streets of Hounslow by the end of 2014, one in Bell Square and one opposite TK Maxx.

Shop front improvements

High street shops in Hounslow and Brentford were offered the chance to bid for funding to transform their shop fronts and since then we have been working with 13 small businesses ranging from dry cleaners to pharmacies supported by the Mayor of London’s Outer Fund. The modernisation of the shop fronts is aimed at helping businesses to attract customers and increase trade.  

Contact us

For further information on Hounslow Town Centre, please call Hounslow and Feltham Town Centre Manager on 020 8583 2570 or email towncentre@hounslow.gov.uk.