Hounslow Council

Child protection

We have a legal duty to make sure children and young people are kept safe and well.

Every allegation that a child might be at risk is investigated, and we work with families to make sure they get any support they need. This involves working with a range of other professionals, including teachers, the police and health staff such as health visitors.

We rely on information from parents, family, and the local community, who all play an important part in identifying concerns about those who are close to the children.

These pages explain more about what we do to protect children and young people, how we work with other agencies to keep children safe, and what to do if you suspect a child or young person is suffering from abuse or neglect.

Contact us

Child Protection Line: 020 8583 6600 - Mon- Fri 09.00-17.00 out of Hours 0208-583-2222

Email: earlyhelp@hounslow.gov.uk